Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CUBA beer

We took a quick cruise out of Tampa to visit Cuba while we have the chance as Americans.  I didn't encounter a lot of beer there, but did get to add at least one Cuban beer to my collection.

2/16 - I planned on hitting a Tampa craft brewery or two tonight  after we flew in, but proceeded to leave my wallet on the plane and blew the rest of the night tracking it down which we thankfully did thanks to the great Southwest Airlines staff there.  Maybe next time, Tampa breweries.

2/17 - I got pretty excited to see that they had automated "Beer Stations" on the Carnival Paradise cruise ship we were on, but that excitement waned pretty fast when I learned the only two choices were Miller Lite and a Thirsty Frog Red ale from Anheuser-Busch that was just so-so.    They did have a decent craft beer selection at the bars around the ship including an Angel City IPA from Angel City Brewing in LA which is one of my top ten favorite breweries that I have visited.
2/18 - Our first stop on the cruise was Key West and I made a bee-line from the ship to The Porch, my favorite craft beer bar here.  I had a Strawberry Beret fruit beer from Barrel of Monks Brewing (Boca Raton, FL) that was excellent.  We sat out on the porch waiting for the rain to end and I also had a couple sips of Ashlee's Monk Saison from Inlet Brewing (Jupiter, FL) that was pretty good too.

The rain didn't let up in time for our  scheduled snorkeling trip to be cancelled, so we ambled around the Key West harbor area eating and drinking.  One of our first stops was the fairly new Waterfront Brewery where I had their solid Chocolate Milk Porter.

2/19 - As we cruised into Havana Harbor this morning, I started the day with a Sea Cow Milk Stout from Saltwater Brewery (Delray Beach, FL) on the back of the boat in the adults-only Serenity area.  It was a great way to say hello to Cuba.
Port of Havana

My first and unfortunately only Cuban beer I had was a Bucanero Fuerte lager made at Cerveceria macro-brewery in Holguin, Cuba.  It was decent and went well with the fresh lobster they served us at the Don Cangrejo restaurant in Havana.

Cuba's not known for their beer anyway, so I don't think I missed a lot, but they are known for their cigars and this Romeo Y Julieta stogie was excellent!  And, I was at least rockin' a Boulevard Brewing (Kansas City) shirt while I was there.

The classic cars were the best thing about Havana.  They are everywhere.

2/20 -  My only other new-to-me beer I had on the ship heading back home was a Pilsner Urquell 1842 from the Czech Republic in a piano bar.  It was good and cold at least.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Poker, movies and a wee bit o' beer

I've been dieting a little, so that means a slow-down on the beer consumption for a while...and only for a while...

Another great Christmas gift from Ashlee was Brew Candy from  Surprisingly, my favorite was the honey ale flavor and not the hoppy IPA.  The roasty stout was good as well.
1/25 - I finally got off the snide and got another small online poker tournament win tonight (my first of the new year) turning $3.30 into $81.18 by outlasting 81 others.
1/26 - On a roll!  Got an interesting 2nd place chop in a larger online poker tournament tonight for a good score.  I rebought once and added on for a $9.90 investment and a $120.71 return.  I got another second place on 1/28 in a smaller tourney for a decent profit of about $60.

1/28 -  We were in Chattanooga today and met up with our friends, Tim and Lavonda, for dinner at Mayan Kitchen, a fairly new upscale Mexican restaurant.  The food was excellent and maybe that helped with the taste of the beer because I ordered a Carta Blanca cerveza lager that  I thought was very good.
1/29 -  I checked out Hostiles at the Roxy Theaters here in Lebanon with my friend from work, Casey, tonight  It was a little slow, but not a bad film.   MoviePass got us both in at no extra cost.
2/2 - With a Friday off and Ashlee working I decided to catch an afternoon movie and the one I wanted to see at the optimal time was up in Gallatin so I decided to stop by the Prince Street Pizza Pub for a beer before the flick.  As you can see by their beer board, they always have an impressive draft list going including most products by the nearby nano-brewery, BriarScratch Brewing of which I had the Pop's Hops # 24 which was pretty good.  The service and food was not so good, but hopefully I just caught them on a bad day because I will be back thanks to this kick-ass beer list and good pizza we've had in the past..

I went for my first-ever visit to the impressively nice NCG Theaters in Gallatin since they were showing Den of Thieves at an early enough time that I could get back home for a planned trip to Chattanooga this afternoon.   Thanks again to MoviePass for this very discounted show price.  The movie was pretty good, but borrowed from great films like Heat, The Town and The Usual Suspects a little too much to stand out on its own very much. 
As I mentioned above, Ashlee and I headed down to Chattanooga afterwards to catch a show with Scott Miller at the new Songbirds Guitar Museum venue.  After the great show, we went around the corner to the Frothy Monkey for a late night snack and a drink.  Although it's mainly a coffee shop, they had a decent beer list and I had a decent Red Jam red ale from Garr's Beer Company out of Nashville.

2/3 - So I got stuck at Northgate Mall in Chattanooga today while Ashlee, her mom, her sister and her niece were doing girly-stuff.  Out of desperation, I decided to check out the fairly new Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom there at the mall even though I swore off this chain almost ten years ago due to their bogus craft beer menu (    Well, it looks like they finally got their shit together here at Old least at this one.  They had an excellent craft beer selection including a lot of local stuff and even an accurate menu.  With Duke on at TV  in front of me at the bar...the diet was getting blown a bit today.  I started with a solid Belayer's Blonde ale (photo above) from Chattanooga's own Hutton and Smith Brewing.  Next up was the nice and hoppy, Cloud Walker Pale Ale from another Chattanooga microbrewery, Odd Story.   I finished with an OK Fumble Brewski lager from Oskar Blues Brewing (CO and NC).  I did stick with just a half-salad to eat with the dressing on the side.  Duke lost to an un-ranked, 13-loss St. John's team that played out of their minds in MSG, so it wasn't a totally perfect afternoon, but it sure beat sitting around a nail salon!!
Cool logo.  Tasty brew.

2/5 - Since I am seriously trying to diet, I got only two new beers from Lebanon Wine and Spirits tonight for this month's poker night here in town.  I had a can of tasty Old Chub Scotch ale from Oskar Blues Brewing (NC and CO) which I had had before but never checked in to UNTAPPD.  I finished with a pint can of Irish Channel Stout from NOLA Brewing (LA) that was smokey and had a strong coffee finish. but overall was pretty good.  I did get second in the 9-man tourney and was able to chop for $300 before my pal, Quinton, dropped a bad beat on me during my comeback heads-up.  Take some of that luck to the WSOP Main Event, Q!!

2/7 - Ashlee and I slipped over to 3rd and Lindsley tonight to check one of our favorite voices in music today, Dan Layus (of Augustana).  I wasn't going to drink anything, but they had added a Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge (CO) Brewery that I hadn't had before.  It was very good as was the music!

2/11 - It was a rainy, ugly weekend and we had nothing to do, so it seemed perfect for some online poker. Unfortunately, it was starting to look like a complete bust of a weekend after not cashing in about 10 different tournaments before I finally hit late tonight  with a final table and a 3rd place finish for my biggest cash yet ($307.50) on Global Poker vs. the biggest field (400 with rebuys) I have faced on there as of yet.  Not a bad return for a $6.60 investment!

2/15 -  I took in a solo viewing of Black Panther in IMAX tonight and it was terrific!  Just another gem in the Marvel Universe treasure chest!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Too Ooh Won Ate

It's a new year and here's some new beer....go!  

1/5 - I was down in Chattanooga on some family business today, but was able to sneak away late tonight and grab a beer at The Casual Pint in Hixson before seeing a late showing of Darkest Hour thanks to MoviePass. I had a pint of the Mex-I-Can Vienna lager from Studio Brewing up in Bristol, TN (that's a new brewery to me).  It was a decent brew, but the movie was far better with an incredible portrayal of Winston Churchill by Gary Oldman who I felt would win some statues for his work. (Editor's note: Sure enough, Oldman grabs the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama two days later).
 1/6 - We headed up to East Tennessee today to spend a night in the mountains.
On our way to Pigeon Forge  we stopped in Knoxville at the Pretentious Beer and Glass Company where they are brewing great beer and creating beautifully unique glasses to serve it in.  Kinda cool to grab a pint at the bar and then stroll over and watch them blow glass creations in front of you.  I had their tasty, but super-cirtrusy For Lack of a Better Term IPA.  I will definitely be back by here when in town and have more time.  Later that night in Pigeon Forge we had a late dinner at the Smoky Mountain Brewery where I had a very mediocre Appalachian Pale Ale.
1/ 7 - I headed into the woods despite the cold weather today while Ashlee, her sister, Paige, and our niece, Ella, opted for some indoor entertainment.
The half frozen West Prong of the Little Pigeon River was a reminder of the harsh temps we have been hit with these last couple weeks.  The temps creeped into the 40's today and it felt like spring!

I went to check out the longest swinging bridge (400' plus) in the U.S. at Foxfire Mountain, a family-owned adventure park in Sevierville.  There is a waterfall on the property also that I wanted to check out, but my time was limited and the hike was longer than I was anticipating.  Plus, it was probably froze solid!  I will just have to come back!  
They had a wishing bridge at Foxfire Mountain so I figured I would wish for what I really, really want.   Help me out Poker Gods.  When I got back to town I stopped at the Mellow Mushroom pizza joint there to await the ladies to finish up their activities.  This regional chain seems to always have a good craft beer selection  at the ones I have been to before, and this location was no different.  I started with a draft pint of  the Stone Xocoveza imperial milk stout that was fantastic.  This California brewery continues to be my favorite of them all.  Next up I had a can of pretty good Hotbox Coffee Porter from Oskar Blues Brewery.  I should have checked to see if this can was filled in their fairly new North Carolina location or at the original source in Colorado.   Ashlee and I stayed for lunch and had some tasty pizza before heading back home.

1/9 -  I had a bachelor night and headed over to Nashville to catch The Shape of Water at The Belcourt Theater.  I really liked this rather odd film, but didn't agree that it should have won the best director Golden Globe over Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.   Let's see what the Oscar voters think. Before the movie, I walked up 21st Avenue a short distance to Kay Bob's Grill and Ale for a pint.  The place is basically a small casual restaurant without a bar, but I found a stool and ordered a very good Vesethius pale ale from Nashville's own Smith and Lentz Brewing.   It was two-fer Tuesday, so I got a token for another brew, so I guess I will be back.  Plus, the food looked pretty good too. After the film, I stopped by Kung Fu Saloon and had a St. Charles Porter from Nashville veteran, Blackstone Brewing.  I have had this tasty porter before, but never checked it in on UNTAPPD.  Similar to HQ Beercade downtown, this place is packed with vintage video games except the difference here is they expect you to pay to play??  Are you serious??  No wonder the place was DEAD!  You want me to pay $6.50 for a pint of craft beer AND push quarters in a video game from the 80's?  Keep dreamin', hipsters.  Guess where I will never set foot in again....
1/15 - Had a day off today with my baby in honor of Dr. King, and we ambled into Nashville to catch a movie and stopped at the 12 South Taproom beforehand where I had a fairly boozy B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout from Hoppin' Frog Brewery (OH).

1/21 - I finally got to see one of my all-time favorite films on the big screen today.  As part of a Daniel Day Lewis retrospective, The Belcourt Theater in Nashville played Last of the Mohicans. During this classic film I had a classic craft beer, an Anchor Steam from Anchor Brewing (CA).  I had a few of these before, but never checked one in on the UNTAPPD app.    Afterwards, I walked down to Kay-Bobs Grill and Ale and had a DeadHead Imperial Red IPA from DESTIHL Brewing (IL).  The weather was so unseasonably warm that I was able to sit out side and drink it.  Ashlee picked me for brunch next and we finally settled on The Stillery on Broadway where I had a Palm Retro pale ale from Palm Brewing (Belgium) with my meal.
1/22 - I dropped by our local Roxy Theaters
(recliners!) tonight to catch a showing of the excellent film and amazing true story, 12 Strong.  I flew solo tonight since Ashlee isn't into war movies.    They don't serve beer at The Roxy (yet?  fingers crossed), so I had to settle for some more beer-flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans leftover from Robtoberfest last summer.

1/24 - It was Lebanon Poker Night and I grabbed a variety 3-pack (cutting back a bit from my usual 4-pack).  I got 3rd in the 9-man tournament when my flush draw didn't hit against AA, but such is life.  The beer trio was pretty good starting with a nice Fest Helles lager froun Uinta Brewing (UT), an excellent Belgian quad from Ommegang Brewing (NY) called Three Philosophers and a good and hoppy local IPA I thought I had already tried from Nashville's own Bearded Iris Brewing called Scatterbrain that my UNTAPPD app  had not yet registered.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

"And so this is Christmas, and what beers have you had..."

12/24 -12/25 - I got a variety 4-pack to take with me to Chattanooga for the holiday weekend.  I made some good choices as each one was very tasty.  I had the Narwhal Imperial Stout from Sierra Nevada Brewing (CA); the Prairie Paradise imperial stout from Prairie Artisan Ales (OK); the Rise and Pine dark ale from Uinta Brewing (UT) and the Mumbai Rye IPA from Good People Brewing (AL).  
12/24 - I met a couple friends, Chris and Bill, today to drop off some T-shirts I had bought for us and we met at Heaven and Ale Brewing in Chattanooga which thankfully was open.  I had a handful of 3 oz. pours that included their solid School of Thought Vol.1 pale ale; the really good One Trick Pony IPA; the interesting Love Nog imperial milk stout and the quite sour Gondorff's Pie Berliner weisse
Love my new beer coozy I got from my sister-in-law, Paige, for Christmas.  Now, how does she know I like to sit around in my underwear and drink beer???

More great Christmas gifts from Ashlee included this Craft IPA Shampoo and Conditioner from Duffy's.  Smells great, feels good on the old noggin' and keeps me close to beer all day! 
12/29 - 12/31 - I got another variety 4-pack from Lebanon Wine and Spirits for the New Year's holiday long weekend.  It included an excellent Peanut Butter Porter from Back Forty Beer Company (AL), a solid Flannel Friday red ale from Harpoon Brewing (Boston, MA),  a really tasty Cinnamon Roll spiced beer from Southern Tier Brewing (NY) and an OK Kentucky Old Fashioned Barrel Ale from Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling (KY).  

12/30 - My friend, Wayne, and I went back to see The Last Jedi again, this time in IMAX (as it should be) and I enjoyed it even more I think.  
After the movie I stopped by Homegrown Taproom for a few libations.  Saw my pal, Nate, there as well.  The three half-pints I had included the solid Country Boy IPA from Everybody's Brewing (WA), a tasty Scorched Hooker IPA from Calf Killer Brewing (Sparta, TN) which I had had before but never checked in on UNTAPPD, and a very, very good Barista Brew  (2017) coffee stout from Nashville's own Blackstone Brewing.  It earned me the UNTAPPD badge shown above which seemed appropriate given that I just left from seeing a Star Wars flick!  

12-31 - We went  to downtown Nashville tonight to ring in the new year at Acme Feed and Seed and they had a surprisingly good beer menu to choose from.  I had a good Golden Gate IPA from Napa Smith Brewery (CA) and a tasty Northern Lights IPA from Starr Hill Brewery (VA) which I had had before but never checked in on UNTAPPD.  
I ended the night and rang in the new year with a Smashville blonde ale from Wicked Weed Brewing over in Asheville, NC, brewed special for my favorite hockey team who I happened to be sporting my pride that night.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


It was time again for our annual Grown Ass Man Extravaganza (G.A.M.E.) Weekend to see the Tennessee Titans play on the road.  The 2017 trip was a bit of a shrunken version with it being scheduled so close to Christmas that a few of the regulars couldn't make it, so it wound up being just  me, Wayne and Danny.   We also added a new twist by not only adding a second destination but a second game as well with our newly beloved and rather successful Nashville Predators hockey team.  It was a whale of trip with nearly 6,000 miles of air travel logged and over 600 miles of car travel as well. 

12/15 - Our first destination was Calgary, Alberta, Canada to see the Predators take on the Flames.  Our flight from Nashville included a plane change in Newark, NJ, which provided a decent shot of a snowy Manhattan in the distance on approach to the airport.  
Our connection in Newark was actually delayed almost two hours due to the plane needing to be deiced.  I guess you definitely want these guys taking their time and doing this right.  The long 5-hour flight to Calgary otherwise went pretty well since we all three upgraded to business class for a little more leg room.  On the Air Canda flight to Calgary I had a decent pint can of  Original Organic Lager from Mill Street Brewing in Toronto (I also saw a Mill Street Brewing location in Calgary later on).
Obviously with the delay in Newark, we got to our hotel in Calgary near the airport rather late, but the restaurant there, the Tonic Kitchen and Bar, was still open and still serving food AND BEER.  My first official beer in Calgary was the IPA from the local Wild Rose Brewing.

When it comes to food and being in Canada, our group always seeks out  their delicious national dish of poutine ever since our Buffalo trip back in 2012.  This pic is actually our second helping of it on the trip, but we started with some of it at Tonic Kitchen and Bar as well.
12/16 - We were staying at the very cool Clique Hotel near the Calgary Airport since we had to get up very early on Sunday to make the Titans game.  This was actually a really nice place especially for an airport hotel.
Hot tubs on the roof + sunrise not until 8:30 AM = an early dip in 23 degree weather!
 Big thanks to Wayne for the photo.

Breakfast back in the  Tonic Kitchen and Bar was tasty and our somewhat grumpy waitress, Crystal, made us wait until 10 A.M. for me to create a "Canadian Shandy" with half 7-up, half Steam Whistle Pilsner from Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto.  Wayne made me proud by drinking the other half of the shandy also.
With the whole day ahead of us before the game tonight, we Ubered into downtown and began our own city tour with stops at The Calgary Tower and the Peace Bridge as well as a bit of pub crawling at Trolley 5 Brewing, Cold Garden Brewing and Annex Ale Project.  We also had a sorta fancy dinner at the hip restaurant, Model Milk, just before the game. 
Our first stop was the iconic Calgary Tower.  We were very lucky with weather with temps being rather mild compared to usual and clear blue skies.
I call this one "The Canadian Float."

Stop # 2 was the ultra-cool Peace Bridge that spans the Bow River that snakes through downtown Calgary.
Our lunch stop (yep, poutine was ordered here - see photo above) was at Trolley 5 Restaurant and Brewing where I had a 5-beer sampler (as did Danny).  Mine included their core beers which were all solid:  The Conductor Beltline LagerFirst Crush White IPA, Derailed Pale Ale, High Five IPA (best of the bunch) and their Hey Porter

My favorite stop of the day (and my favorite beers of the day) was the funky, super-social and super-busy Cold Garden Beverage Company.  We had a great time here interacting with locals who were friendly throughout our visit to Calgary.  The place was very dog-friendly and I have never seen so many dogs in such a small place that were being so well-behaved.  I did another sampler flight here (as did Danny) of four very unique beers that included:  This Must Be the IPA, The All-Nighter Vanilla Cappuccino Porter (best of the bunch), the Cakeface Vienna lager and the Canadian Cereal Ale Vol. 1.  I also had a sip of Danny's tasty Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump ale and finished with a pint of The Fall of Sean Spicer Rye Oatmeal Hef. which I have to admit the name was better than the beer itself, but I again applaud the uniqueness of the concoction itself as well as it's hilarious moniker.

Our last stop on the impromptu Calgary Brewery Crawl was Annex Ale Project where I had a very good Posthuman IPA. Thanks to Wayne for finding this place because it was not on my original research list and also thanks to Wayne for being a good sport for going along to these places even though he is not a fan of beer.  But Wayne always makes the most of these visits.  In fact, he found an interesting ring someone left at Cold Garden and then spotted an amazing piece of art (Wonder Woman, of course) on the way from there to here.  

Breaking the law in Canada.  Photo by Wayne

Love this badge from UNTAPPD.  How did they know we were about to go watch some hockey, eh?
At  our tasty dinner at Model Milk Restaurant just before the game,  I had a decent Blindman River Session Ale IPA from Blindman Brewing here in Alberta. 

As I mentioned before, this is the first official Nashville Predators road game we've ever attended on a G.A.M.E. weekend, even though Danny and I and his wife, Brenda, traveled to New York and Boston last year as a hybrid make-up trip for the Titans game in Miami we had to miss due to Hurricane Matthew.  (

There were a good amount of Preds fans in attendance and we even made the predsnhl twitter feed.
 It was an exciting game for many reasons including the fact that we were in 1st place in the Western Conference when the game started,  the game was the feature event for Hockey Night in Canada (their version of Monday Night Football with a national broadcast) and we scored a resounding 2-0 shutout win to stay in 1st place in The West!!

We were able to get down on the glass before the game during warm ups and Wayne got this hilarious picture of  defenseman and alternate captain, Mattie Ekholm, hamming it up for us.

12/17 - Up at 3 AM, at the airport by 4 AM, leaving Calgary at 6 AM - are we dedicated...or just crazy?

We  flew Alaska Air to San Jose and had a connection in Seattle that went really smooth in terms of coming back into the U.S. and no flight delays on either leg.  In fact, we landed in San Jose ahead of schedule giving us more than a 2-hour window to check in to our hotel near the stadium and then get over there with more than an hour before the game started.

I had tasty can of Icy Bay IPA from Alaskan Brewing (Juneau) on the Alaska Air leg from Seattle to San Jose.
I got some great pics from the plane thanks to great weather once again.  I think this is Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

Another great shot of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.
We had a ton of fun before the game goofing around with tons of people wanting their picture with Wayne as Titans Santa.  Our family pic here was in the "Yahoo Fantasy Football Trophy Room" backdrop.

We had great seats for the game and the new Levi's Stadium is awesome, but  it was another tough and annoying loss for the Titans as the 49'ers kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired for a 25-23 final.   At the game I had an overpriced and underwhelming Alcatraz Amber red ale from San Francisco Brewing.
We drowned our sorrows in grease with a visit to In-N-Out Burger after the game.

12/18 - It was time to forget about the Titans loss and focus on Mother Nature instead today.  We slept in and waited for the San Francisco/San Jose rush hour to die down before taking our rental SUV deep into Nor Cal up Highway 101 several hours to the Humboldt Redwood State Park and the Avenue of the Giants.
It was a long drive, but well worth the effort.  This place is unbelievable.  (Thanks to Wayne for this perfectly framed photo.)

Now THAT is some perspective on just how big these redwoods are.  Thanks again to Wayne for the photo, but almost no photo does justice to actually standing at the base of these gigantic trees and looking up.  
We headed a bit farther north after dark to the town of Fortuna and Eel River Brewing for some dinner and beers, of course.  The food was outstanding and their beers were solid.  I only had the interesting Organic Tropical Sparkling Ale with dinner and a sip of Danny's heavy Conspiracy of Ravens imperial oatmeal stout.
The cabins we stayed in at Red Crest Resort along the Avenue of the Giants were clean, spacious and full of good amenities.  A couple more days here would have been fine with me.  

The two reasons I didn't have more beer at dinner were sitting in the fridge back at the cabin.  Earlier in the day I had bought a couple of Eel River Brewing bombers including their tasty Organic India Pale Ale and their super-citrusy Emerald Triangle IPA.

12/19 - Time to head south again with a turn off Highway 101 westward out to Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) for some ocean views (and brews).
I call this one the "TREE amigos."  Photo courtesy of Wayne's big, long arm.  It was tough to leave the beautiful redwoods this morning, but time waits for no man...let alone, three of them.
Sunrise along The Eel River.

The Avenue of the Giants.

Squeeze on in to the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree in Myers Flat. Thanks for the picture, Danny.
The amazingly beautiful northern California coast.  Hard to get to but worth the effort.

Just me, the ocean and the birds.  Thanks for  the photo Danny.
We had a tasty lunch and some brews at the North Coast Brewing Taproom.  I have liked these guys for a long time, so getting to stop here is definitely a check off the old Beer Bucket List.  With lunch I had the yummy Pranqster Belgian golden ale and the Le Merle saison which was excellent also.

As darkness and rainy weather started to close in we made a brief stop at the Arena Point Lighthouse where we were told rather rudely that the place was closed although the open gate seemed to say otherwise since we only wanted a quick look and a few pics.  This was our second not-so-nice encounter with Northern Californians today.  Maybe they should take a cue from the folks in Calgary about how to treat visitors spending time and money in their area...just sayin'....
12/20 - It was fly-home day and I finished my new-beers list with a free (drink coupon!) 12th of Never Ale from Lagunitas Brewing (CA) on our Southwest flight back to Nashville that connected through Las Vegas.
One last great pic from the plane just before landing in Las Vegas where we had some nasty turbulence coming in and going out of Sin City.    Otherwise, we got home safe and sound and added another great G.A.M.E. weekend to the history books!